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What to expect when you hire J. Francis Company, LLC - direct from a customer

By jfrancis
Want to hear directly from the source? Listen to this customer of ours walk you through her experience from hiring J. Francis Company, LLC to completion. Read more

Affordable Landscaping Solutions for your home in Pittsburgh

By jfrancis
let's talk everything from expectations and budgets for your outdoor spaces to invasive species (yes, lantern flies) and deer issues to weed control and leaning retaining walls - and the science behind lawn care. Read more

Design ideas on how to remodel your old staircase

By jfrancis
If you live in Pittsburgh, there is a good chance you live in an older home - from Sewickley to South Hills to the Mexican War Streets. Read more

How to remove water stains from marble or granite

cleaning marble countertops carefully
By jfrancis
After a while, you start to notice some stains on those expensive new countertops. What and how did that get there? Read more

High Tech but not Far Fetched

By jfrancis
The 2005 hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith featured a high-tech kitchen that only an assassin could love. Preparing for an unavoidable marital war, Mrs. Smith programs a code into her single wall oven, drops the oven door, and up-pops a vault of deliciously sharpened knives and weapons. Read more

100-year-old home testimonial

By jfrancis
How many 100-year-old homes have we done? Hundreds! Renovating a 100-year-old home can be an exciting project, but it also comes with its own unique challenges. Read more

Kitchen renovation testimonial - Mexican War Streets

By jfrancis
Kitchen renovations can play a crucial role in updating older homes, such as Lisa's (an old row home in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood of Pittsburgh). Read more

Kitchen renovation testimonial

By jfrancis
Kitchen renovations can significantly improve home value for several reasons. The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and a focal point for potential buyers. Read more

Tim Faller Show: Setting Up an In-house Training Center

By jfrancis
Podcast Episode on the Tim Faller show with Dave Myers from J. Francis, LLC. Read more

Building Your Color Story

By jfrancis
Many decisions go into every project that is developed at J. Francis Company, and one decision that is most understated, and yet most impactful, for your next remodeling project, is the use of color. Read more

How to Control Costs During the Design Phase in Pittsburgh

By jfrancis
You have more control over your costs than you might think, and with the right remodeling team, you can keep costs under control through proper planning and communication. Read more

The Rise of the Bidet

By jfrancis
More and more during the pandemic, it seems American families are turning towards a more modern and European alternative in their bathrooms. The bidet! Read more

Where Did All the Walls Go?

About four years ago I started to notice a trend. Millennials were gaining buying power and were becoming the dominant force in the consumer marketplace. Read more

What Construction Method is Your Home?

It is not unusual for our crews to be working on a fifteen-year-old home one day and a 125-year-old home the next day. What are the differences in working on these vastly divergent homes? Read more


As we finally break into December of 2020, I'd like to discuss this year and share a little bit with you about the ups and downs. Read more

What About Your Pittsburgh Potty?

You can elevate your Pittsburgh Potty to a basement retreat! Don't have a Pittsburgh Potty? Well, we can still help. Read more

Remodeling Reality

Remodeling Reality
What To Expect During a Kitchen Remodel Read more

Remodeling Fatigue

Loft Image
What is Remodel Fatigue? There are two points in a remodeling project when the customer is at their happiest. At contract signing and when we finally leave their home. Between the cost, the lifestyle disruptions, and the anticipation, remodeling can be stressful. Read more