The Rise of the Bidet

More and more during the pandemic, it seems American families are turning towards a more modern and European alternative in their bathrooms. The bidet! 

It’s thought bidets were invented in the early 1600’s in France, but the popularity hasn’t caught on until recent years in the States. It’s unclear why, exactly, the bidet hasn’t enjoyed much popularity here, but some theorize that because bidets were popular in brothels during WWII, it became ‘immoral’ to have one in the USA. Others simply point out that we do not have enough room in our bathrooms as it is to fit another appliance! 

Even so, the advantages of bidets these days are undeniable. Not only are they more hygienic, they’re a viable replacement for toilet paper (especially in the early days of the pandemic). According to Business Insider, bidet users lower their spending on toilet paper by 75%.. And on top of that, bidet users will saving some of the 384 trees it takes to make toilet paper for their entire lifetime. 

What do you think? Will you be purchasing a bidet to upgrade your toilet time?