High Tech but not Far Fetched

The 2005 hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith featured a high-tech kitchen that only an assassin could love. Preparing for an unavoidable marital war, Mrs. Smith programs a code into her single wall oven, drops the oven door, and up-pops a vault of deliciously sharpened knives and weapons.

Fast forward to the year 2023 and a high-tech kitchen like this one, with hidden compartments that lift from surfaces, countertops that grow in size with a slight push, motorized cabinet hinges, and touchless door openers are actually not far-fetched options to install in your kitchen.

Richelieu, an international importer and manufacturer of specialty hardware, has been prevalent in the kitchen and bath industry for decades. Offering solutions for cabinetry, lighting, sinks, countertops, furniture, moldings, and tools, Richelieu has introduced us to some of the coolest technology in the business.

As technology and engineering continue to merge with craftsmanship and design, many opportunities to create efficiency, convenience, and luxury in our homes will become more accessible to everyone, not just glamorous, undercover assassins like Mrs. Smith.

By Emily A. Borne, Project Developer - J. Francis Company, LLC
Photo credits: 20th Century Fox, Buller and Accuride Europe.