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The Process

Whether you are remodeling your entire home, a kitchen, a bathroom, or building an addition; Design-Build has many advantages...

One Stop Shopping 
We are responsible for all phases of the design and construction from start to finish.

Save Money
Our design and construction teams work together to determine the most cost efficient means of construction.

Save Time
Thorough preparation before construction begins reduces the actual construction time. Potential problems are addressed in the design phase thereby reducing possible time delays.

Better Communication 
Our design and construction teams have a proven track record of working together resulting in better management and efficient use of skills.

Step 1: Planning

Our designer will assist you in transforming your ideas and dreams into reality. We will discuss your requirements and budget and develop a working plan to meet your needs.  

Step 2: Final Drawings and Specifications

A set of final construction drawings and specification list will be developed for your approval.

Step 3: Preparation

Preparation for construction includes final pricing, schedules, material selections, and construction permits.

Step 4: Construction

A team of site managers and qualified craftsmen will complete your project in a professional manner.  The construction phase (from a work perspective) is usually slow to begin, and then goes full steam ahead, and then will slowly fall off to completion.

Step 5: "Punch List and Completion"

Completion is initiated along with the warranty certificate and other completion documentation.

Step 6: "Month Follow-up"

After 6 months and 2 seasonal weather changes, we will schedule a site visit to review our work and schedule any repairs (drywall seams, nail/screw pops, etc.)