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Our Start

John McCloskey began the company in 1988 while earning a master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz School of Management. 

He recognized that meeting customer priorities, especially critical deadlines were an essential component to his success as a general contractor.

"I was amazed at how happy my customers were when we met important deadlines and in some cases had the projects completed ahead of time."


In the winter of 2000, J. Francis Company, LLC purchased a 22,000-sq. ft., 100-year-old soap factory on the North Side of Pittsburgh. 

With the help of AIA award winning architects Loysen and Kreuthmeier, the second floor of the building was renovated using adaptive reuse for the office section. The first floor was turned into a wood shop, enabling J. Francis Company, LLC to have a fully equipped millwork facility. 

Project Evaluation

After the initial consultation, should you decide to proceed with us our process begins with a design agreement. The design agreement develops the scope of work, walks you through the selections for your project, utilizes those decisions to develop your estimate, and finally construction drawings. We charge for this service and is separate from the construction contract cost.

Just as you are evaluating us to determine if we are a fit for you; we also are evaluating the project to determine if we are a fit for you. This process must be mutually beneficial for both parties to be successful.


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