Ridgehaven Lane

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We would highly recommend J. Francis. We are currently in progress with them on a full basement remodel. We can update when done, but they are taking a huge, largely unfinished space and creating a full guest suite, TV area, wine cellar, bar, and play and storage rooms. We have been very impressed at the organization, attention to detail, and quality work so far. The project was custom designed by Jason, and he is a pleasure to work with. He understood our style and goals right away, but is also patient with changes, questions, and helping us get exactly what we want. His vision and recommendations have been right on point. We're well into construction now (shoutout to our lead carpenter, John, doing a great job) and the whole thing is moving much more smoothly than anyone would expect for large scale construction. J. Francis has done a great job with orchestrating all of the materials and moving pieces, checking in and providing helpful updates and recommendations, and generally keeping it moving forward. There are always some surprises, but they seem to have planned really well and kept us on time and on budget (other than some change orders we requested). We also appreciated the care they take in our home - they make it as easy as possible to have a months long construction project going.